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I have a gap between 1997 and 2000. Am I entitled to quarters in my career record, where should I go. Thank you for answering me.

The Civil Service does not recognize unemployment as a valid period for retirement. The redemption of the contractual period deprives you of the validation of the periods of unemployment that followed.

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I acquired 159 quarters of contributions at 12/31/19, to start a long career I need 167. Being on sick leave since October 2019 and having been unemployed since 2016 then I considered that I had acquired 159 quarters + 4 quarters of unemployment + 4 quarters of sickness on 30/06/2020 and that I can therefore leave on 1/07/2020 with 167 quarters of contribution;

retirement insurance tells me it’s 4 quarters of illness OR 4 quarters of unemployment

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Having worked as a salaried worker between 1978 and 2001, I enrolled in assedic following a social plan to open up my rights to unemployment, 36 months of ARE at the time.

I receive unemployment benefit at the beginning of 2002 and I create my small SARL and work in TNS at the CIPAV while receiving aid for business creation for 16 months, which ends in November 2003. I therefore remain affiliated to the CIPAV from which I was struck off on September 30, 2005 following the cessation of TNS activity. I re-register with the assedic and reactivate my remaining rights which were paid to me until November 2006.

The CNAV refuses to take into account my terms at the end of 2005 and in 2006 on the grounds that I was not affiliated with them before my period of unemployment. The CIPAV only validates the quarters during which one is affiliated. I therefore have a period of compensated unemployment of 5 quarters, without being able to validate it.

The UNEDIC documentation, which is based on the SS code, indicates that any period of compensation gives entitlement to quarters, from 50 days of compensation.

Thank you if you could give me an opinion on the matter.

The social security code only grants free quarters to insured persons. As you were no longer covered by the social security scheme for employees, you lost this right.

You are not the first to discover this downside to the fragmentation of our pension plans. This is one of the many reasons that led the CFDT to demand a single pension plan.

19 Terms of allocation of contribution quarters, assimilated, by increase … May 11 at 08:09, by nathalie astier

my 1st employer hired me, on a full-time CDI, from October 3, 1977 to December 31, 1978. The first quarter was paid by check like the following quarters. Why is this first quarter not included in the count of the total quarters contributed?

I would like to point out that this first employer was a large accounting firm, and therefore in order with social and tax legislation.

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